On May 7, 2021 Polish Waters and the company Strabag signed a contract for the construction of a modern wharf with a docking facility for eight icebreakers.

This new docking-mooring base for icebreakers will be located in the southern part of the city of Szczecin in Karpia St., directly on the bank of the Odra branch – the Regalica River. The existing facility of the Szczecin Water Management Station is located in the immediate vicinity of the planned base for icebreakers. The purpose of this investment is to provide an appropriate docking and servicing site for the icebreakers, which provide safety against ice-jam floods on the Odra River.

The construction of a docking-mooring base for icebreakers
The construction of a docking-mooring base for icebreakers, photo by the State Water Holding Polish Waters

The icebreakers will only be used during the winter period, depending on weather conditions, if it is necessary to carry out icebreaking operations. During the remaining period of the year, the icebreakers will only be maintained. Currently, the icebreakers are stationed at different locations, which significantly hinders coordination and conducing efficient icebreaking operations. It is also planned to fuel the icebreakers at this wharf. Fueling will be done using tank trucks, for which a system of roads has been designed.

The investment in question envisages a two-stage implementation. During stage I, the following works will be carried out, among others:

  • removal of existing allotment garden infrastructure, the existing wharves of the  docking basin, and existing bank revetments along the Regalica River,
  • construction of the docking-mooring wharf for icebreakers, with a length of about 140 m and with mooring berths for 8 icebreakers,
  • improvements to the existing turning-docking basin,
  • construction of a storage and workshop building with amenity and office rooms;,
  • construction of a storage shed,
  • construction of a garage building,
  • landscaping, including necessary technical infrastructure.

The investment cost is more than PLN 21 million. The construction of the docking-mooring base for icebreakers is carried out under the Odra-Vistula Flood Management Project, financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), the Council of Europe Development Bank, and the state budget.

The icebreakers on the Odra river
The icebreakers on the Odra river, photo by the State Water Holding Polish Waters

This investment should be completed in the first quarter of 2022. 

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