In connection with the implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan prepared on the basis of Art. 4(1) of the Energy Efficiency Act of May 20, 2016 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) item 831) and the application of selected energy efficiency improvement measures as well as in accordance with the provisions of Art. 6(1) of the above-mentioned Energy Efficiency Act, the PCU carries out its tasks in this regard by:

  • purchasing new equipment characterized by low energy consumption and low operation and maintenance costs;
  • replacing its equipment characterized by high energy consumption and high operation and maintenance costs.
  • applying for the inclusion of environmental mitigation measures in the EMPs developed by the PIU, which require to use the equipment and machines with low energy consumption and low emissions by the contractors, and / or such their use to ensure a low energy consumption and emissions.
december 2016
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