Breeding boxes for birds were installed as part of the sub-project “Vistula River Stage 2”

Under the sub-project “Vistula River Stage 2”, many environmentally friendly measures are carried out. One of them is to provide nesting and living places for ornithofauna and chiropterofauna.

In February 2019, under the oversight of the environmental supervision team, the Regional Water Management Authority in Rzeszów installed 280 breeding boxes for birds, including among others for sparrows, tits, owls, seaducks, nuthatches, hoopoes, and kestrels, on the right and left banks of the Vistula in the area of the Municipalities of Gorzyce, Radomyśl n/Sanem, and Dwikozy located in Podkarpackie and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeships.

Moreover, 50 bat boxes were installed. According to the environmental permit, these bat boxes and houses will be cleaned and maintained over the next 10 years. Monitoring of nesting will also be conducted – to facilitate these measures, each box has a GPS location feature.

The environmental inventory showed that the red-backed shrike is also found in the area of implementation of the investment. It is a small predatory bird feeding on insects and smaller vertebrates which builds nests in thorny shrubs. Due to this fact, 25 sites were selected in the area outside the dike where poles were installed and dog rose and hawthorn shrubs were planted. These poles will be used by red-backed shrikes to sit and wait for prey, whereas the shrubs will serve as breeding places. Link to the article

Budki lęgowe dla ptaków
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