The key objective of the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) dated April 1, 2015 is to establish a framework and principles for preventing significant adverse impacts on the population due to land acquisition and involuntary resettlement in the course of the implementation of the Project, and where they cannot be avoided – to mitigate or compensate them. The RPF document is in line with Polish regulations and the World Bank’s Operational Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (OP 4.12), which is applied under the OVFMP due to financing of the Project from World Bank funds, among others. The Loan Agreement between Poland and the World Bank is an international legal act and by signing it Poland has undertaken to abide by the World Bank policies. In cases where there are differences between local requirements and the WB’s policies, the requirements that are more beneficial to affected people will prevail.

The implemented Resettlement Policy Framework, as per WB’s OP 4.12, applies to “involuntary resettlement”that includes cases where affected persons do not have the right to refuse land acquisition or the establishment of restrictions on land use that result in an actual change in land use or have an economic consequence. This occurs in cases such as: (i) lawful use of eminent domain (i.e. expropriation) or temporary or permanent restrictions on land use, and (ii) negotiated settlements in which the Government can resort to resettlement or impose legal restrictions on land use if negotiations with the owner fail. For example, the ownership of properties located in an area defined by a public purpose may be transferred for the benefit of the State Treasury.

Based on the Resettlement Policy Framework,a specific Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) is prepared for each investment carried out under the OVFMP.

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